1273.50 / 1293.50
(Trustee = WB9YCZ)
(23 Centimeters)


( lat: 39..768018 / lon: -86.153288 )

Location Marion County (Downtown Indianapolis)
Equipment Kenwood = TM531 (Receiver) & Kenwood = TM541 (Transmitter)
Antenna 2 = Comet = GP21 (14.8dB Base Antenna)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers N/A
Rec. Pass-Cavity 2 = Decibel Products (DB-4041 Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .4uv (for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output Down East Microwave 30 Watts (25 watts into feedline)
Feed Line 1 5/8" Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 420 ft.
ERP 160 Watts

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224.98&1.2all.JPG (447467 bytes)                                                             1.2 repeater.JPG (109661 bytes)


This is a new repeater just put in operation in April 2002.  The machine is in operation with the first generation of equipment to check out band conditions and operational coverage areas at this frequency.  Other equipment for improved operation of the system will be added as funds allow.  Since this repeater is in the same cabinet with our 224.98 system, this allows linking to that band in the future.


The tower mounted Gas-Fet preamp has been installed, but is located in the cabinet at this time.  When time allows later this summer it will be moved to the base of the antenna on the roof.  The PA amplifier has also been installed and now puts about 25 watts of RF power into the feedline.


The repeater has been worked with a 1 watt hand-held from north of Sheridan, Indiana.  That is over 30 miles distance from the repeater site.  Operation from a 10 watt mobile unit with only a 1/4 wave antenna has been in excess of 40 miles.  With the future changes still in the works to come with the system, It's Only Going To Get Better ! ! ! 


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