146.370 / 146.970
(107.2 Hz Tone Required for day to day operation)
(77.0 Hz Tone Required During SKYWARN Nets)
(Trustee = WB9OPR)
(2 Meters)

Also Connected To The IRLP System
** NODE  #7531 **

( lat: 39.890304 / lon: -86.205480 )

Location Marion County (South of 79th St at Walnut Dr.) - (TV 8 transmitter tower)
Equipment Motorola Micor Repeater (w/350 watt tube final deck)
Antenna Celwave (Super Stationmaster PD220) - (7.4 dBi Gain)
Controller S Com Industries (7K)
Duplexers TX-RX Systems (4 Can = Vari-Notch Duplexer)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 1 = Phelps Dodge (Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .1uv (thru all hardware for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output 150 Watts (110 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 7/8" Andrew Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 540 ft. 
ERP 115 Watts

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In February of 2005 we installed a newer Motorola Micor repeater with the 350 watt tube RF power amplifier deck.  The original repeater was put in service in the 1975 north of Carmel over 25 years ago and had very little changes over the years but it was time for some changes to improve output power and receiver sensitivity.  This package has the high sensitivity receiver front-end, oversized power supplies and we have added an additional Advanced Receiver Research receiver pre-amp.  The S-Com 7K controller was installed in 1995 to the original RF package and has been moved to this system.  This controller allows for sophisticated operation of the repeater and attached equipment.  This repeater also has a linking unit that allows it to be connected to our 442.65 repeater for special requirements and Central Indiana Skywarn Nets.  The pictures above show it's new location on the northwest side of Indy at the WISH (Channel 8) TV tower were system was put in operation around the end of December 2004.

This repeater currently REQUIRES 107.2Hz tone for access but can be put in open or Touch Tone access if needed.  Since this is the main repeater used for the Central Indiana Skywarn Network, the CTCSS transmitted tone is changed during weather net operation ONLY from its normal 107.2 Hz during net operation.  This tone is only transmitted by the repeater when there is a incoming signal into the machine.

Anytime a Skywarn net is in operation the CTCSS tone of the repeater will be 77.0 Hz.  So if you would like to be able to know when a net is activated, just put your radio into tone decode for 77.0 Hz and you will not hear anything until the weather net is activated.

This repeater is also connected to the Internet Radio Linking Project.  It can be connected to other Amateur radio repeaters, simplex frequencies, and reflectors all over the world via the internet.  Since this system is connected to this type of operation, the usage of this repeater for normal local repeater operation should be kept to a minimum.  This will allow for monitoring of the repeater output for other node connections to the Indianapolis area from all over the world.  That's not to say that this machine can not be used for normal area operation, but just be aware of other station being connected to this repeater via a internet connection.  If you are interested in this type of operation please contact us at ICE for more information and codes required.


146-97 radio horizon map V4.JPG (237583 bytes)
System Antenna Horizon Coverage Map

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