223.380 / 224.980
(Trustee = WD9EZK)
(1 1/4 Meters)

Also Connected To The IRLP System
** NODE  #7530 **


( lat: 39..768018 / lon: -86.153288 )

Location Marion County (Downtown Indianapolis)
Equipment 2 = Midland Amateur Mobile Radios
Antenna Celwave (Super Stationmaster PD220) - (5.8 dBi Gain)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers (4 Can Duplexer)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 1 = TX-RX Systems (Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .15uv ( for 12Db Sinad)
Transmitter Output TPL 80 Watts (60 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 1 5/8" Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 485 ft.
ERP 150 Watts

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224.98&1.2all.JPG (447467 bytes)                    224.98 repeater.JPG (155814 bytes)                     224.98 cans.JPG (171364 bytes)

This repeater was previously in operation for many years on the east side of Indianapolis but do to its site loss, we were able to resurrect its operation thanks to WD9EZK.  The RF package is made of a single Midland amateur mobile radios.  The radio has been modified into two separate enclosures one with the receiver section and the other with the transmitter.  The antenna is the same one that was used on the tower at 600ft. from its previous location.

This repeater is currently in open access but can be put in CTCSS or Touch Tone access if needed.  

This repeater is connected to the Internet Radio Linking Project.  It can be connected to other Amateur radio repeaters, simplex frequencies, and reflectors all over the world via the internet.  Since this system is connected to this type of operation, the usage of this repeater for normal local repeater operation should be kept to a minimum.  This will allow for monitoring of the repeater output for other node connections to the Indianapolis area from all over the world.  That's not to say that this machine can not be used for normal area operation, but just be aware of other station being connected to this repeater via a internet connection.  If you are interested in this type of operation please contact us at ICE for more information and codes required.




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