447.650 / 442.650
77.0 Hz Tone Required)
(Trustee = WB9YCZ)
( 70 CM )


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( lat: 39.894762 / lon: -86.200629 )

Location Marion County (79th St & Ditch Rd) - (WFBQ transmitter tower)
Equipment Motorola Micor Repeater (w/225 watt tube final deck)
Antenna Celwave (Super Stationmaster PD1151-2) - (8 dBi Gain)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers TX-RX Systems (4 Can = Vari-Notch Duplexer)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 2 = TX-RX Systems (Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .19uv (thru all hardware for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output 125 Watts (80 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 7/8" Andrew Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 840 ft.
ERP 160 Watts



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       2.65f&dS.JPG (193567 bytes) full front.JPG (324838 bytes) full back.JPG (379240 bytes) PAsmall.JPG (180984 bytes) Back top.JPG (289646 bytes) Back bottom.JPG (358990 bytes)

This repeater utilizes the same feed line that is used for 4 of the local Indianapolis radio stations Marti receivers used for radio station remotes broadcasts.  The feed line is connected to a commercial splitter that separates a band pass range that covers the frequency used for 5 receiver frequencies for the radio stations units and a band pass range for the operating frequencies of the repeater.  On the repeater side of the splitter we then connect to our duplexers and an additional 2 pass cavities in the receiver side section located in the repeater cabinet.  This Motorola Commercial High Power Repeater was put in service around mid 2003 at this site.  This package has a solid-state receiver and transmitter section except it utilizes a tube final capable of a output power of over a continues 300 watt.  We have also added a gas-fet pre-amp to the receiver section to improve the receiver sensitivity.

Most of the pictures above show several different pictures of the repeater that is located in a small heated & air conditioned room at the site.  The picture of the rack frame with all the splitters, duplexers, & cavity filters (located in the adjacent room) is what we have installed to operate this repeater along with the radio stations 5 receivers and also the combining of our 2 meter D-Star repeater with another antenna utilized by the radio stations for VHF communications.  Only the 2 larger cavities at the bottom of the rack and the 4 port pass filter on the top are needed for the radio stations requirements, all the rest are for Amateur equipment installed at the site.

This repeater is linked to our 146.97 repeater during Central Indiana Skywarn Nets or for any other special requirements if needed.  The repeater requires a 77.0 Hz tone to operate it and also transmits the same tone during COR activity.  this means if you run your radio in CTCSS tone decode of 77.0 Hz you will not hear reset tones or repeater ID's !


442-65 radio horizon map v4.JPG (259104 bytes)
System Antenna Horizon Coverage Map

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