448.900 / 443.900
(118.8 or 77.0 Hz Required)
(Trustee = K9YDO)
(70 CM)


( lat: 40.015117 / lon: -85.982744 )

Equipment Uniden = Receiver w/pre-amp  &  GE = Exciter
Antenna 2 = Celwave (Super Stationmaster PD455) - (12 dBi Gain)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers TX-RX Systems (T-Pass Combiner System)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 2 = TX-RX Systems (Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .17uv (thru all hardware for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output Motorola PA Deck=85 Watts (55 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 1 1/4" & 1 5/8" Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 300 ft.
ERP 100 Watts

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The 443.900 repeater has now been put back into operation as of Mar. 2007 in Noblesville, IN.  It now utilizes a split antenna set-up which combines it with a multi-channel UHF trunking system.  One antenna is used for 7 receivers and another for 7 transmitters.  The receiver antenna is connected via 1 5/8" hard-line to a multi-coupler that feeds all the receivers & the transmit antenna is connected via 7/8" hard-line thru a combiner system for all the transmitters.  The receiver is made from a Uniden business mobile radio board that has been fitted into a 19" rack mount cabinet along with a pre-amp and tone control boards and the transmitter exciter is a Icom business mobile radio.  A Motorola RF amplifier deck completes the package to give us around 110 watts output into the combiner unit.

The repeater transmits a 77.0 Hz CTCSS tone ONLY during an incoming received signal.  No reset tones or ID's will be heard if your radio is setup to decode this tone unless ID happens during a QSO.

This repeater is also a part of our 900 Mhz system providing connectivity of both the 900 repeaters and the 2 remote receiver sites.
900MHz Repeater System)






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