449.125 / 444.125
(Trustee = WB9YCZ)
(70 CM)
D-Star = Digital Repeater

Gateway Is Operational
& Dongle Friendly !!


( lat: 39.894762 / lon: -86.200629 )

Equipment Icom = ID-RP4000V
Antenna Celwave (Super Stationmaster PD455) - (9 dBi Gain)
Controller Icom = ID-RP2C
Duplexers TX-RX Systems
Rec. Pass-Cavity 1 = TX-RX Systems (Cavity Filters) & 2 = Decibel Products
Receiver Sensitivity  .23uv to operate repeater
Transmitter Output TE Systems PA Deck=85 Watts (50 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 7/8" Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 500 ft.
ERP 75 Watts


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In November of 2006 we turned on the first Icom D-Star repeater in Indiana.  It was initially put into operation as a UHF only system and the two meter band package was added a few months later.  With this new digital technology in communications, a whole new learning curve is required in how to test and trouble shoot  With the addition of the UHF RF power amplifier,  problems were encountered,  causing us to think in a different way than we have in the past.  We are learning everyday more & more about how to improve the digital system and are really looking forward to what this new mode will provide as time goes on.  The Internet Gateway was added to the package on 5/9/07 and the addition of other bands will happen as installation of antennas become possible.  The interest in this new mode of communication  has been quite high here in the Indianapolis, Indiana area with over 30 users having equipment to operate the repeater within a week of it being put into operation.  Even though we are still in the very early stages of installation of this new mode, it has shown that improved communications is possible.

The two photos of the D-Star cabinet shows both repeaters, controller, UHF duplexer cavities and pass filters, receiver pre-amps, Gateway computer, two power supplies and PA decks that make up the digital machines.  The photo of the frame rack with all the splitters, duplexers, & cavity filters (located in the adjacent room) has been installed to operate the 442.650 analog repeater along with the radio stations five Marti receivers.  The filters also combine the two meter D-Star repeater with another antenna utilized by the radio stations at this site for VHF communications.  Only the two larger cavities at the bottom of the rack and the four  port pass filter on the top are needed for the radio stations requirements, all the other cavity filters are for Amateur equipment we have installed at the site.

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