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52.110 / 53.110
(Trustee = K9YDO)
(6 Meters)



Equipment GE Master II
Antenna Decibel Products (DB212-6) (6 folded elements) - (6.5 dB Gain)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers Pass / Reject 6 Can System (Home Made)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 2 = Decibel Products (DB-4041 Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .17uv (thru all hardware for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output 300 Watts+
Feed Line  
Antenna HAAT  

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6pass.JPG (87452 bytes)                                  6cans.JPG (81621 bytes) 

This repeater was put in service at its current location in late 1992.  The R.F. package is a GE Master II Base Station Radio that has been modified for repeater operation.  Its transmitter section has tube drivers and a tube final (4cx250) that will produce over 300 watts continuous R.F. power output into the duplexer system.  The duplexers are a 6 cavity pass/notch design that were constructed by us.  The receiver has some modifications to its audio & squelch circuits and the addition of receiver preamps from Advanced Receiver Research to help improve the receiver sensitivity.  The Decibel Products 6 bay loop antenna array is spaced out over 100ft. vertically on the tower, starting at the top.

This repeater is currently in open access but can be put in CTCSS access if needed.  It also has the capability of having auto-patch, but the phone line has been disconnected do to a lack of interest in this feature at this frequency.  The repeater also allows for squelch control of its receiver with the addition of a 77.0Hz tone to your transmitted signal.  This will open the squelch to its fullest position to help in marginal and weak signal reception.  A new controller is in hand for this repeater and will be added to the system in the near future.

We feel that by split-sighting this repeater it would improve its operation and make it coverage much better.  Another 6 bay antenna array is in our possession for the change over if we ever get the time to make the split some day.

This repeater is currently in open access but can be put in CTCSS  or Touch Tone access if needed.  This repeater can have auto-patch capability (with speed dial) for those hams needing this feature for a small annual donation if there would be a interest in the future.






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