Main Repeater
902.0625 / 927.9875
(77.0 Hz Tone Required)

Second Repeater
902.0375 / 927.4875
(131.8 Hz Tone Required)

N/E Receiver (Hamilton Co.) = 902.0625 (100.0 Hz Tone Required)
N/W Receiver (Boone Co.) = 902.0625
(179.9 Hz Tone Required)

(Trustee = K9YDO)


EchoLink Node
(Requires Call Sign Approval)

In The Beginning Stages and Testing

See How Nice We Build Them For Starters .. It Was Working !!


This system has been a work in progress for several years now!  Both of these repeaters are On The Air and completely operational at this time.  We have found that the 900 MHz band is probably one of the hardest amateur radio bands to utilize with all the consumer product equipment that is operating in the same frequency spectrum.  Even with all the additional filtering we have in place to help element adjacent frequency interference, we have found that you can only get the best performance by utilizing the very low end of the band for repeater inputs to eliminate interference.

The main repeater is located on the northwest side of town (Channel 8 TV tower) which has the transmitter & receiver for that system.  You can see in one of the pictures below that we utilize a splitter unit at this site that allows this repeater and our 144.39 MHz Digi repeater to use the same 1 1/4" feed-line to the 540' platform on the tower.

The second repeater was acquired from N9LLO in Kokomo around late summer of 2011 because of lack of usage and repeater problems.  This repeater has now been relocated on the south-southwest side of Indianapolis (S. Harding St.) which also has its transmitter & receiver at that location.

In December 2007 an additional remote receiver site was added in the Noblesville, IN area for the system which is on 902.0625 (100.0 Hz tone required).  This remote receiver site was put on to help provide an improved receiver environment outside of the high RF area at the main site in Indianapolis and also help provide better receiver coverage in the northeast area of Indy.

In early 2012 we installed a second remote receiver site which is located west of Zionsville, IN & south of Lebanon, IN in Boone County. This receiver also uses 902.0625 (179.9 Hz tone required) frequency.

Both repeaters and both remote receiver locations are connected/linked to our 443.90 MHz repeater in Noblesville, In.  So you can listen to any of the repeater output frequencies and transmit on any of the receiver input frequencies and you're working the entire 900 MHz system !


To see all the recent testing that has taken place to get us to were we are today, check out this link:


System Map
900 System.jpg (265703 bytes)
(click to enlarge)


Main Repeater Information
( lat: 39.890304 / lon: -86.205480 )

Location Marion County (79th St & Ditch Rd) - (Channel 8 TV transmitter tower)
Equipment 2=Motorola MaxTrac Radios (w/Marcom 150 watt PA deck)
Antenna DB Products  (7.5 dBi Gain Collinear)
Controller Micro Computer Concepts
Duplexers TX-RX Systems (4 Can = Vari-Notch Duplexer)
Rec. Pass-Cavity 1=Sinclair & 2=DB Products (Cavity Filters)
Receiver Sensitivity .18uv (thru all hardware for 12dB Sinad)
Transmitter Output 80 Watts (55 Watts into Feed Line)
Feed Line 1 1/4" Andrew Hard Line
Antenna HAAT 540 ft.
ERP 60 Watts




Second Repeater Information
( lat: 39.704158 / lon: -86.188426 )


Marion County (4190 S. Harding St.)


GE Mastr II Repeater


Bogner  (12 dBd at 800 MHz)




Wacom BP/BR

Rec. Pass-Cavity


Receiver Sensitivity

.23uv (for 12dB Sinad)

Transmitter Output

35 Watts (25 Watts into Feed Line)

Feed Line

1 5/8" Andrew Hard Line

Antenna HAAT

470 ft.


90 Watts






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