Since the Indianapolis Carmel Experimenters is not a club with annual membership with dues required to operate our repeaters, we do things a little different !!  We are just a few hams that have built and maintain 11 high profile amateur repeater systems in the central Indiana area for ourselves and other fellow ham radio operators.  Some of our repeaters have IRLP nodes and now digital (D-STAR) for those wanting these types of operations.   Even though we no longer have any expenses for phone lines for auto-patches, we still have ongoing expenses to maintain the equipment, tower work, web site hosting, and repeater site liability insurance we are required to have.


So if you would just like to make a donation to our cause to help keep these systems on the air and in open access for everyone to use because you enjoy one or more of our repeaters and enjoy using them, we will be glad to accept your donation !!


 If You Use Them .. You Should Help To Support Them !!





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Mail To:
I.C.E.   -   8255 Los Robles   -   Fishers, IN 46038