147.435 Simplex
(77.0Hz Tone Required)

(New picture from 12/15/06 w/new battery)


This equipment was installed on April 28th 2004 to improve the radio coverage area of the Central Indiana SKYWARN Radio Network during the operation of the Severe Weather Nets ONLY.  This system will allow for linking back to the Indianapolis SKYWARN Network via this 2 meter simplex frequency.  The equipment is installed on a local FM broadcast station tower outside Freetown, IN with the 2 meter antenna located over 300' on the tower & with the tower having a ground elevation of over 900' at it's base.  This should provide much easier  access to the SKYWARN Radio Network from Lawrence, Monroe, Brown, Bartholomew, Jennings, & Jackson counties. It my even improve communications from other counties in the southern Indiana coverage area.

After more then 2 years of flawless operation from this package, we had to
go down and replace the batteries, cooling fans & while we
were there we checked out the operation.  ALL OK !!

After the link package went off the air around mid June we finally was able to find the time
to make the trip south to check out the problem.  On arrival at the site we found that all
3 of the packages feed-lines had been unhooked and had been pulled out of the building.  The
AC power had also been unhooked, so the package was Off The Air.  We were able to
reconnect all the coax cables back to the original condition and the package came back
to life !  After making several phone calls to find out how this happened, it sounds
like a communication problem between a communication 2-way shop doing
some work at the site and the new owners since the radio stations transmitter is no
longer located there.

After almost 7 years of not having any problems with the link, we found it time to
install a new Yellow Top battery in the package after hearing some hum on the
signals through the remote during the resent net operation on the 11th of
November.  All radios checked out good and no other maintenance was required
and the hum is gone !!  Bill did stop by in early June while he was passing through
the area and did replace the cooling fan filters.



A note for those using this linking system, the 147.435Mhz frequency also transmits the 77.0Hz tone.  This means that if you put your radio into CTCSS decode of this tone, you should not hear anything until the SKYWARN net is activated.


147-435 radio horizon v4.JPG (268873 bytes)
System Antenna Horizon Coverage Map

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Pictures from on the tower at about 100'






More Pictures
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freetown2.JPG (245444 bytes)
The site (WQKC - FM 93.7)
silhouette.JPG (149816 bytes)
K9YDO starts up early in the morning (8AM)
wb9ycz.JPG (163385 bytes)
WB9YCZ ground work freetown.JPG (181225 bytes)
k9ydo_wb9ycz.JPG (165801 bytes)
Both heading up the tower
Free Up.JPG (155867 bytes)
Looking UP & Down from 100' Free Down.JPG (239414 bytes)
wb9ycz_inside.JPG (140476 bytes)
WB9YCZ at 100' (K9YDO feet in top of picture)
k9ydo.JPG (153659 bytes)
K9YDO coming down at about 90'
kb9yoj.JPG (149116 bytes)
handy-work.JPG (211820 bytes)
Handy work in cabinet
job_well_done.JPG (183316 bytes)
Equipment ready to go (K9YDO & WB9YCZ)
Free Cables.JPG (176979 bytes)
Cables added with lightning protection
kb9yoj2.JPG (178146 bytes)
All finished and in operation (KB9YOJ)
Free Open 2.jpg (452468 bytes)
Ready to lock it up and call it a day (4PM)
(New picture from 12/15/07 w/new battery)



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