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We have created a New Link to the 147.045 / 173.8 repeater southwest of Frankfort, IN for the Skywarn Net operation. 



We have moved the 441.450 (WR9AND) D-STAR repeater from Dales QTH in Fishers and installed it to the W9ICE repeater stack located on the NW side of town on Port A.  Several other systems around the country have done the same thing adding additional VHF or UHF ports to the A port to make available more usage to the systems.  Since the WR9AND system was getting virtually no usage because of low coverage, it made sense to add the module into the W9ICE stack.  It is just the bare bones repeater with only the addition of a receiver pre-amp and is combined with other commercial communication equipments antenna at that site.  The coverage of this repeater will be greatly reduced do the the antenna type and RF output which is only 10 watts into the feed-line after the duplexers and combiners.  It should provide decent coverage around Indianapolis for mobiles and will probable have marginal areas of coverage with an HT.  We plan on connecting it to different reflectors like 30C, but it can be disconnected by anyone that would like to use it for local operation.



We have installed the NEW 442.65 repeater !!

Installation of the package was completed at 1:00AM on the 23ed with some small clean-up work still needed.  But the basic repeater package is fully operational with the new pallet amplifier and the Kenwood base repeater.  We still need to install the antennas for the tri-band link radio and relocate the web camera to a better location in the room for a better view of the metering in the cabinet.

The old Motorola repeater had an RF output power of 125 watts which would supply about 80 watts to the antenna feed-line after the duplexers.  The new package supplies over 225 watts output which produces about 175 watts into the feed-line.  So this will give us over a 3dB change to the ERP of the repeater !!  As for the receiver in the new system .. we are able to open the receiver and key up the transmitter via the controller with a .13uv signal through the duplexers and pass-cavities.  This should also be about a 3dB increase in the receiver sensitivity over the old Motorola repeater !!

Bird watt meters in the output line to the antenna.
(250w scale forward / 5w scale reflective)

Bird watt meter in the output line of the amplifier going to the duplexers.
(250w scale)

Loosing around 75 watts to the duplexer !!!

So the next project on our list of things to get done is to get the 224.98 & 1293.50 repeaters fixed after cleaning up the few little things left to do with this one !!




We installed a new battery in the UPS used to back-up the 442.650 repeater system.  The unit is rated at 4KVA and will keep the repeater in operation for around a couple of hours at full output.  The battery is rated at 12 volts / 200AH and weighs 135 lbs.
Here it is >>>



We have had a change of plans and have now decided to build a completely NEW 442.65 repeater !  We will discontinue the operation of the Motorola repeater package which is over 35 year old technology that we have had in service for around 15 years now and are going to build a NEW Kenwood based repeater package.  Pictures of our progress can be seen >>>  Pallet Amplifier



We have put in operation an EchoLink node on our 900 Mhz repeater system.  It is node #793243 and is in open access from the radio side for connection to other nodes.  As for operation from the internet side, we require you to request permission for operation this way to try to help keep unwanted connections from outside nodes at a minimum.  For those users that have smart cell phones, there is an app for EchoLink operation via your phone which works really well !!


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