Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers (WE8W) has enjoyed ham radio since the age of 6 years old. In fact, Jim got his first VHF contest experiences as a young operator for the W8VP contest group in Ohio even before he held an amateur radio license.

Jim became licensed in 1985 as a Novice when he was 11 years old while involved in Boy Scouting and held the callsign KB8BZV. He quickly became efficient as a CW operator while a Novice and worked many parts of the world on 40, 20, & 15 meter DX.

Jim soon upgraded to Technician and then went on to become the youngest ham in Guernsey County, Ohio to pass the Extra class 20 word per minute code exam at the age of 13. Today Jim holds a General class license and is a true "CW man" and has been clocked at CW speeds of up to 35 WPM while copying received code in his head.

Jim graduated in 1998 from Southern Polytechnic State University in Atlanta with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and specializes in design and development of Automation for Manufacturing. He was recruited by Siemens Electromechanical Components in 1998 to develop automated relay manufacturing systems for the production of mechanical relays and is now employed by Tyco Electronics Corporation near Bowling Green, Kentucky.