Ray Warren

Sometimes better known as the Devil, Ray has been enjoying ham radio for many years.  First licensed in 1960, Ray was involved with the first ham radio club at the blind school here in Indianapolis and his call sign (kn9zgr) was used for that schools club station for many years.  He has continually been active thru the years both from his QTH and mobile as he runs around Indianapolis and central Indiana.  Ray and his wife Jackie (KA9SWO) both hold a General class license and use the frequencies to stay in contact with each other almost every week.  He worked at Regency Electronics for several  years in the production area before going out and banging the keys on a piano for 12 years in night clubs around the Indianapolis area while starting his own business Indy Piano Service.  Ray has been self-employed now for many years and owns & operates Ray's Piano Service.  The offices of his business is the main contact point for the Indianapolis Carmel Experimenters group and his office personnel are the ones that keep track of the donations to the I.C.E. group.  He also helps in the design and purchase of equipment used for our groups many repeater systems.


July 21,1942 - February 19, 2008

This Great Man Will Be Missed !!





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