Central Indiana
Skywarn Radio Network


Radio Systems Used In Network & Tower Site Providers

146.370 / 146.970
(77.0 Hz  Required)
W9ICE/R - Indianapolis
447.650 / 442.650
(77.0 Hz  Required)
W9ICE/R - Indianapolis
147.435  Simplex
(77.0 Hz  Required)
W9ICE/L - Freetown
TV - Ch8
Vertical Bridge WQKC
FM - 93.7

449.350 / 444.350
NC9U/R - Terre Haute

448.925 / 443.925
146.325 / 146.925
(107.2 Hz  Required)
W9EAR/R - Vincennes

443.775 / 448.775
(88.5 Hz  Required)
KA9VXS/R - Lafayette

FM - 100.7

TV - Ch22 & FM - 91.1


147.645 / 147.045
(173.8 Hz  Required)
N9SMJ/R - Frankfort
442.975 / 447.975
(103.5 Hz  Required)
KC9TME/R - Scipio
442.525 / 447.525
(131.8 Hz  Required)
N9SMJ/R - Russiaville
FM - 106.1

Also Available Via EchoLink
W9ICE-L   Indpls, In (442.65 Rep)
NODE #803473
(call sign registration required)



You Can Also Listen To The Net Operation At This Link !
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This page is to help explain the radio network used by Central Indiana Skywarn during net operation.  How the network is connected and all the frequencies used during net operation.


The main repeater in the Skywarn radio network is the 146.970 Mhz (77.0 Hz Tone Required during net operation) system located in Indianapolis.  The controller in this repeater provides for all the control of connecting all of the system together used in the radio network.  This repeater is linked to the 442.650 Mhz (77.0 Hz Tone Required during net operation) repeater located at a different site in Indy to allow for coverage on both 2 meters and the 440 band from central Indiana.  Each repeater provides slightly different coverage areas do to their locations, antenna height & antenna mounting location on the towers.

After both of the repeaters are connected in Indianapolis the network is then connected to the 147.435 Mhz Simplex (77.0 Hz Tone Required) remote link package located in Freetown, Indiana in Jackson Co. in southeast Indiana.   This package helps to provide better coverage from the southern counties in the Skywarn Warning Areas.

To help with better coverage for the Skywarn net operation the 444.350 Mhz repeater in Terra Haute, Indiana (operated by
Illiana Skywarn group) is connected into the network.  With the addition of this repeater into the network, coverage from the western counties in Indiana and beyond into Illinois for net operation is made much easier.  Also when this system is connected in it will also connect the 443.925 & 146.925 (107.2 Hz Tone Required) repeaters in Vincennes via a link from their location up to the Terra Haute system to improve coverage in the southwestern counties of the state.

Then the 147.045 Mhz
(173.8 Hz Tone Required) repeater southwest of Frankfort, Indiana on the Clinton/Boone Co. line and the 442.525 (131.8 Hz Tone Required) are added into the network to also improve the coverage of the Skywarn Network into the northwestern and northern counties of the coverage area.  The Frankfort system will also provide some coverage beyond Indiana over into Illinois.

We have now another repeater into the network located in Jennings Co. on 442.975 (103.5 Hz Tone Required) located in Scipio, IN.  This system will allow for better coverage in the southeastern counties in the Central Indiana Skywarn coverage area. 

So when the National Weather Service Forecast Office at Indianapolis request Skywarn Net activation for severe weather, all of the above frequencies are available to communicate from your county back to NWS.  So make sure to take the time to check-out which frequency works best from your location so you will be prepared when the real thing is needed.


System Notes:

The transmitted CTCSS tone on 146.970 Mhz is changed during Skywarn net operation ONLY to 77.0 Hz from it's normal operating tone of 107.2 Hz.  This tone is transmitted only during incoming signals to the repeaters receiver so no reset tones or ID's will be heard if your radio in set-up to decode this tone.  So if you want to go to bed at night and not be bothered by hearing the normal communications but want to know if a weather net is activated, make sure to set your radio up to decode this tone frequency and you will only hear communications if the net is activated !

The same thing would work for anyone utilizing the Freetown simplex link frequency.  By monitoring the 147.435 Mhz and setting your radio to decode the 77.0 Hz tone you would not hear any simplex traffic that might take place on this frequency until the net is activated also !

This Does Not happen with any of the other sytems !



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